Connect with yourself and
with new people and places.

Whispered Italy is born from the passion of the founder Alessandra Rocca, who has always looked for a creative, innovative way to travel throughout Italy : sharing with the guests , as well as we do with our good friends, the secret addresses, people and places that make Italian lifestyle unique and inimitable

All those things that cannot be found even in the latest guidebooks because they are shared by word of mouth among those who love excellent Italian living.

Whispered Italy is always pleased to introduce guests to distinguished and creative figures in Italian society and  culture . As well as we are glad to introduce our guests to inspiring people working on the best ‘Made in Italy’ products  , showing first hand the creativity and craftsmanship of those companies.

More than twenty years of work and  travels in every corner of Italy , together with a natural curiosity  and  love for beauty  allowed  us to create a remarkable network of connections, trusted collaborators and friends in every regions of Italy  such as, just to name a few, excellent companies, artisans , owners of outstanding villas and palaces ,restaurants and, of course,  excellent guides and drivers .

Our search as well as our curiosity are unlimited  and  we are always looking for new peoples and places to add in our network  for ever-more authentic  & bespoke experiences to offer at our guests.

Whispered Italy is a branch of Stendhal Tours, premier tour operator founded in 1996 Alessandra Rocca create high end , customized itineraries throughout Italy  for international clients.


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