Designers of innovative
experiential travels in Italy

For 24 years we have provided a highly innovative and personal way in which to travel in Italy

Our founding belief, as one of the Italy’s leading exclusive travel management companies, is that luxury it’s all about creating truly inimitable experiences that encompass authenticity, wellbeing, design, content and style.

We think that although the Internet has been a blessing in so many ways, it has also been disruptive in the sense that experiences no longer have the allure of exclusivity. We are all convinced that we can access anything but this is not the case. The most exclusive experiences stem from knowing the right people on site, good taste, word of mouth, dedicated know-how, the insight to propose the situation that best suits each person and from a natural inclination to appreciate the beautiful. Extensive knowledge of all these factors that belong to our heritage in terms of both culture and personal know-how is our strong point. We are highly skilled in creating the right blend for every guest. All this personal expertise makes a journey with Whispered Italy a genuinely exclusive experience.

With more than twenty years of experience we craft and create tailor-made exclusive travel experiences in Italy. Our creativity and the perfect organization of every detail has led us to specialize in individual programs outside of any typical tourist circuit.

We shall introduce you to people and places that make Italian lifestyle unique and inimitable. They cannot be found even in the latest guidebooks because information about their locations are shared by word of mouth among those who love excellent Italian living. Places of incomparable beauty that are known to few, masterpieces of art unknown to the extensive public, the best craftsmen who have produced stunning masterpieces for generations, restaurants that offer amazing views and serve the most genuine Italian cuisine, and exclusive fashion studios that express the most refined Italian taste.

We will make your every wish come true, arouse your curiosity and astound you with a journey of discovery into the many facets of Italy (one for every region). These are the pillars of our varied culture and lifestyle.

Italy, our country, is shaped by culture, transformed by history, distinguished by exquisite cuisine and a unique, sophisticated lifestyle. It is these qualities that attract high-profile clientele and impress the most discerning visitors. From our sun-kissed vineyards and coastal villas to romantic castles, palaces and piazzas, Italy’s natural and cultural riches are in a word, inspirational.

It is against this canvas that our Travel Specialists are experts in sourcing and designing travel experiences for any occasion: experiential trips, escapes with all the family, relax in magnificent properties carefully selected for lovers of style and design, memorable weddings and events.

With Whispered Italy you will experience a side of our country otherwise unavailable.


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