Connecting with local people
and sharing experiences.

We are convinced that people are the most important part of the holiday. Whether it’s a private cooking class or visiting local markets, artisans workshops, exclusive dressmaker’s ateliers, be the guest in a private exclusive home for dinner , go around for shopping with one of our friends. Meeting local people and sharing experiences with them can give you memories that you can’t have by any other means.

Let us introduce you to that truly special wine maker in Tuscany who will be glad to talk with you about the history , the vision and the  passion behind his superb wines.

Meet with us those owners of outstanding Palaces and gardens who are truly happy to open their doors and welcome our guests just for the pleasure to meet new , curious persons  , share experiences and ideas and meet new friends.

We will be glad to introduce you to one of our friends  , the Design and lifestyle’s icon  talent scout and Design Week promoter, whose store is the most trendy reference for rising designers.

Meet that marble artisan who realizes works for many worldwide renowned contemporary artists, either producing the entire sculpture from the provided model or assisting the sculptor by roughing out a work .

We will be glad to let you discover  those goldsmiths who make unique creations with a fresh touch , unique creativity and great passion as well as we will be glad to let you meet some trendy dressmakers who create  unique pieces which represent the best of contemporary Italian taste together with a great expertise.


For friends only