Connect with yourself and
with new people and places.

Treating yourself to an active holiday is a modern day luxury. It takes time but allows to establish contact with places, people and even with yourself.

Our staff will recommend the active holiday that best suits you, and will manage it expertly by providing all the assistance required, from the choice of best horse-riding itineraries and the most qualified stables to bike tours with our expert guides and dedicated support vehicle.

Long walks amidst the olive groves of the Apulian countryside will give you the peace conveyed only by that land. Strolling along a thousand paths that cross Tuscany, you will fully enjoy unique scenic views and better understand the charm of a land where human presence and the landscape harmoniously converge. Every corner is a surprise! Trails along the Amalfi coast and the Cinque Terre are more challenging but offer breathtaking views.

And again,  hike through Dolomites Mountains (Unesco World Heritage Site) that feature an infinite number of trails winding their way through incredible landscapes and breathtaking vistas, wild alpine meadows, deciduous and evergreen woods, high altitude terrain, alpine lakes, soaring peaks, dramatic walls, and towering heights. Take the time to explore the local culture and cuisine, for an in-depth understanding of the area . Dolomites area counts 24 Michelin starred restaurants and gorgeous resorts.  Our specialised guides, natives of the Dolomites who are deeply bound to the local places and culture, will advice you and guide you if you wish. They will help you choose the most suitable itineraries to explore local culture and the irresistible cuisine.


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