Italy is home of great designers both famous and rising

Most of the international events dedicated to the design of the future and to the contemporary art are organized in Italy. We can quote the “Design Week & Fuori Salone” in Milan and the “Biennale of Contemporary art in Venice”, just to give few examples.

They are NOT TO BE MISSED EVENTS really appreciated by a international public and they are the stage of new trends: thanks to our connections and to our network of special guides you will be able to live those events as protagonist not just as visitor. We love great interior design and for this reason our network features great architects and interior designers who will be glad to lead you throughout Italy searching for design masterpieces ( both from great designers and rising ones ) .
No doubt Milan is the cool capital of quality Design and our passionate collaborator will introduce you to many cool secret places such as : a lab and architects studio ,hidden in an old courtyard , specialized in custom made furniture created with oxidised and coated iron plates , a Concept Store , founded by a renown talent scout and Design Week promoter, located in a former factory which maintains original arrangement and furnishing and is the most trendy reference for rising designers. You will visit also the “Bottega” (workshop ) of an artisan-artist who designs handmade frames ,created in the last 40 years to enhance the works of great italian photographers .
Whether you’re a professional or you have just a passion for interior design and desire to furnish and decorate home and garden with the no time elegance of Italian style of selected brands and handcraft treasures, our expert staff will help you explore the stores that offer an unlimited choice of historical, contemporary and unique pieces distinguished by the made in Italy guarantee.
From the historical pieces signed by the Modern Architects to the rising designers’ innovation our staff will help you to value your interiors with a touch of Italian elegance.


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