You will be surprised by the uncountable
less known treasures of art

For art lovers, Italy has a wealth of art masterpieces of all periods, ranging from the Romans and Greeks to our days

Many of these are little known but their value is certainly not less than the most famous works. We organise exclusive visits to the most famous sites and museums, besides offering you the opportunity to explore the many little known masterpieces that have an absolute value, namely private, museums and private art collections

Discover with us those private art collections hidden inside surprising Palaces , Masseria and Contemporary Art Galleries.

Experience life in less known lively villages in Tuscany that are surprising open air Museums and host all year long exhibitions and masterpieces of the most important sculptors worldwide.

Explore those little gems throughout Italy, small untouched villages that keeps Baroque Palaces, masterpieces of painter Piero della Francesca, majestic Abbeys overlooking the sea & more…


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