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to eat and drink

We are continuously seeking out gastronomic gems to recommend to our clients and some of the leading Italian winemakers are good friends of ours.

The excellence of Italian food and wine is famous worldwide and it is a perfect reason for a journey to Italy. Moreover, the Mediterranean diet is widely acknowledged as wholesome.

Every region offers delicious traditional dishes (from risotto in northern regions to pasta with its numberless sauces typical of central and southern Italy), special cheeses and cured meats. Many regions produce excellent wines, and extra virgin olive oil is virtually a cult in many areas of Italy. Italy is a haven of fresh produce, farmers’ markets and zero food miles characterize most of our cuisine.

We are tireless seekers of premium quality wine and cuisine, and we enjoy introducing our guests to these treasures that belong with due right to our culture. Take the time-a genuine luxury – to attend a cookery class with our chefs, learning to prepare your favourite dishes. It will be an unforgettable experience!  And if you long for an absolutely exclusive moment, we can organise an individual cookery class with some Michelin starred chefs.

Wines: some of the leading Italian winemakers are good friends of ours, so you have only to choose from Brunello, Franciacorta, Super Tuscans or the great wines of Veneto, Trentino and Friuli.

It will be a pleasure to organise  private wine tasting sessions for our guests, and tours to the best wineries, many of which are strictly closed to the public. The winemakers themselves will accompany you on the visit and they will be happy to talk to you about their wines and their winemaking philosophy. They will convey the enthusiasm that guides them and their vision.

Besides the most known areas, in Italy there are other areas where excellent wines are produced, emerging wines with great value, such as the wines of Sicily, Apulia and Campania, thanks to the competence of a new generation of winemakers and to their unrestrained enthusiasm. We closely follow the growth of these wineries, and since we personally know the owners, they will be happy to invite you to participate in their adventure.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the basic healthy ingredient of our cuisine. We know the areas and oil mills where they produce the most precious oils, and the differences between the various oil pressing processes. As with wine, producing precious oil is a passion and an untiring quest for quality. We are well acquainted with the manufacturers of the best oils in North and South Italy. Hence, they will be pleased to welcome you and introduce you to their estates, revealing an absolutely fascinating world that is still little known.


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